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Trump Spokesperson Says Hillary Clinton Has ‘Failed Miserably’ As a ‘Champion for Women’

Photo: Fox News

Make of this what you will. In a Thursday episode of The Kelly File, Donald Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson had a little something to say about Hillary Clinton’s track record with women. Clinton, she said, may position herself as a “champion for women,” but she’s “failed miserably” in that regard. Hmm.

The comment came at the tail end of a debate between Pierson and Robert Zimmerman, a member of the Democratic National Committee. The two were sparring over whether it is fair game for Trump to discuss Bill Clinton’s past allegations of extramarital affairs. Megyn Kelly asked the two to defend their positions while making sure to point out the bad optics of blaming a woman for her husband’s actions. Pierson, however, said that bringing up the former president’s history was acceptable behavior because it was not about Bill Clinton. It was, she said, about Hillary Clinton’s character.

“She knew her husband was cheating on her and she blamed it on the vast ring-wing conspiracy,” Pierson said. “She knew that this was happening and shifted the blame onto the women … You can’t go around blaming other people for what you and your husband have done. That’s the problem.” As a counter to that, Zimmerman pointed out that women are overwhelmingly supporting Clinton in the latest polls. So, Pierson might have to contend with there being quite the number of women who see Clinton through a completely different lens. In fact, in an online NBC poll conducted after the first debate, women overwhelmingly came away with more favorable views of Clinton. For Trump, eh not so much.

Watch the full segment here.

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