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Watch Alexander Wang’s Model Squad Raid a Beverly Hills Mansion

Photo: Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang is the kind of designer who serves McDonald’s and 7-Eleven at his Fashion Week party, so you can’t expect him to adhere to the typical fashion format when it comes to ad campaigns. Rather than blend in with the fall line-up of staid, high-budget fashion shoots, he corralled his Wang Squad to star in a series of RL Grime and Skrillex-soundtracked music videos for his latest campaign.

Wang collaborated with “Work” videos’ Director X on the odes to some of his favorite movies, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Can’t Hardly Wait. The goal, he said, is to ‘challenge the traditional medium of a fashion campaign.’

In a new campaign video shared exclusively with The Cut, model members of the Wang Squad – Binx, Hanne Gaby, Katie Moore, and Lexi Boling – raid a Beverly Hills mansion in a way that would make the guys from Project X proud. Wearing gear from the 2016 collection, they loot a wine cellar and drive around in golf carts, all to the sounds of RL Grime.

Scroll below to watch the exclusive.

Watch a Squad of Models Raid a Beverly Hills Mansion