Why I Got a Buzz Cut, According to the New York Times

Model Ruth Bell. Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images for Vogue

“A generation of young women is discovering a new way to get buzzed — no illicit substances required,” the New York Times announced Thursday. “Instead, all that’s needed is a good pair of clippers and some nerve.”

In case you still have no idea what they’re talking about, the photo helpfully displays woman with no hair. She is modeling a trend, and that trend is a buzz cut.

A fun fact about me is that I have a buzz cut. When I buzzed my hair three months ago, I thought it was just for fun slash because I was suffocating daily in a cloud of humidity, but no! The Times says it was for the following reasons:

• To make a statement, sartorial or otherwise.
• Because I once saw a photo of Ruth Bell in a Zara ad.
• Because it’s actually really chic and elegant, and not just for skinheads.
• Because the fashion industry said it was okay.
• To capitalize on the androgyny trend.
• Because I’m increasingly aware of the transgender community.
• Because Jaden Smith wore a skirt.
• Because I realized there was no right or wrong.
• To reject the male gaze.
• To subvert gender norms.
• To filter out potential suitors who aren’t “on my level.”
• Because of the rise of athleisure.
• Because I’m not afraid to not look pretty.
• Because I have a fortunately shaped head.
• Because it’s really transformative.

All valid! But they forgot the part about wanting to dress up as Eleven for Halloween.

Why I Got a Buzz Cut