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Young Republicans Love to Dress Like Your Worst Preppy Nightmare

Just some preppy guys hanging out. Photo: Hill Street Studios/Eric Raptosh/Blend Images/Getty Images

Close your eyes and picture your typical millennial Republican. What do you see? It’s probably someone white, wearing pearls or boat shoes and a polo shirt. Are you resorting to a stereotype? Maybe, but research actually backs up every preconception running through your brain.

Guardian US asked YouGov to poll young Republicans and Democrats on the brands they love. Republicans cited Tory Burch, Ralph Lauren, and Brooks Brothers as their favorites. They’re also big fans of Walmart, especially their in-house brand Faded Glory (yes, that joke writes itself.)

On the other end, young Democrats were more likely to spend their money at H&M, American Apparel, Uniqlo, and Hot Topic. They were also into the controversial #mycalvins campaign, which wasn’t exactly beloved by conservatives.

None of this is really a surprise. Young Democrats want to be perceived as flexible, adaptive, and wise to the latest trends. Young Republicans are more traditional, so they gravitate toward labels that repeatedly reference classic, stereotypical American imagery.

So does this mean that all Republicans look alike? Guardian US talked Matt McCarrick, the campaign chairperson for the New York State Young Republicans. He had this to say about their perceived uniform style:

“If you look at any of our photos, everyone kind of looks the same, it doesn’t matter if you’re African American or if you’re from the Orient or Asia,” said Matt McCarrick, 30, campaign chairman for the New York State Young Republicans. “Our pictures kind of speak for themselves.”

Oh good! They have African-Americans and people from the Orient in their group photos. So glad the Republicans are finally embracing diversity.

Young Republicans Dress Like Your Worst Preppy Nightmare