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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of September 5

Photo: Jen May

On Friday, Jupiter begins its yearlong transit through Libra. You can feel this like a weight lifted, you can feel this like an open window, you can feel this like the sweet air after a thunderstorm. If this is an open field, how will you move through it? What kind of love can grow here? What kind of goodness will you choose to hold inside you?

Aries: Some weeks more than others, there’s a conflict deep in your skin, in your guts. Some weeks more than others, your heart feels like a tangled ball of golden string. A person is made of so many parts, legs and hair and dreams and guts, desires pulling you in one direction, then another, then all directions at once. Listen: More things exist than we can feel or measure. The world might not yet have the tools to see you clearly, but this doesn’t mean you need to untangle yourself. You’re a puzzle, as elegant as gravity.

Taurus: It can be hard to see your own life clearly — how could you, when it moves in such unpredictable ways? How could you, with so much change woven through each sharp and sweet day? This is a week for shifting your perspective. This is a week for looking out over your own city from an airplane window, or for climbing mountains and watching storms roll across the sea, or for staring at your own face until it becomes strange to you in the mirror.

Gemini: The wisdom in your brain is full and wild, and the wisdom in your body is wilder still. This week, pay attention when your body fills with need. Pay attention when it fills with hunger for kindness or for love or for human touch. You don’t have to hide these feelings, and you don’t have to treat them like a joke. They’re as real as stones: real enough to build a house with them, real enough to skip them across a lake. Hold them in your pocket. Let them remind you that there are other ways to know the world than logic.

Cancer: If you aren’t paying attention, you could almost miss the quiet luck filling your days this week. Try to notice the glow in the sky around you; try to notice how easy it feels to think, to move, to speak. This doesn’t have to be a week of magic or a week for battle. When you speak, feel your throat vibrate, hear your voice echo. When you breathe, breathe in deep and let your lungs fill with air. This week, the world’s gift to you is enough space to really live, enough space to grow into yourself.

Leo: This week, more than ever, remember: Nobody else can do the work of your life for you; nobody else holds the key. There are no shortcuts, not even through other people’s poetry and not even through other people’s love. Some things you need to learn on your own. Some things you need to decide for yourself. What is the shape of your own heart? Where is the light in this life that you’re building? Spend time with your own questions this week. Spend time with your own weird self.

Virgo: This is a week for finding your position on the map; it’s a week for reorienting yourself to the strange geography of your life. It’s so easy, on this spinning green earth, to forget just where you are and how far you’ve traveled. Take a moment now to look to the stars. Look around at this place, the land and the water, the rivers and birds. You don’t need to keep moving until you’re ready; just look out into the hazy distance and feel your feet on the ground.

Libra: Sometimes you can’t name your own needs, but you still know the feel of them in your belly — a heavy hum, a sweet longing. This is a week for seeking without knowing what you hope to find, a week for using all of your senses. Turn on the radio and move through the stations. Walk through the forest and feel the texture of air on your skin. There’s more in the world than what you already see. There are more songs than the ones that live in your head. You’ll find the one you need.

Scorpio: If it feels like the people you know have forgotten how to see you clearly, it’s okay to remind them. It’s okay to teach them how to love you again. Your brightness is rare. Your brilliance is so wild and good that it could be from another planet and still, sometimes, even you need other people. There is no shame in this. The days grow slowly, quietly shorter, and still there is growth and renewal.

Sagittarius: Your fear can’t last forever, and neither can your loneliness, and neither can your worst thoughts about yourself. This is a week for looking at the world with a different kind of softness in your eyes and a different kind of light in your heart. This doesn’t mean you’re relinquishing your toughness and your edges; it just means you’re trying to live. Remember how the world used to feel on your best days, expansive and bright. That world is still here, and you can find your way back to it.

Capricorn: You don’t have to do everything right all the time. You don’t need to aim for complete symmetry. You don’t have to grind away your edges until you sparkle like a gem. This week, more than ever, practice turning your back on perfection. Perfection is a prison, it’s a threat, it can keep you small, and this is a week for expanding. This is a week for taking up your space in ways the world isn’t used to. There is wildness to be unleashed.

Aquarius: All your plans aren’t set in stone. Even when your mind is made up, it can keep changing, keep twisting. You can’t be contained, not even by yourself, not even when you wish your heart was simpler. How good it is, then, to be in motion. How good it is to have a heart that keeps pumping blood. You have a face and a voice and a life full of song. You have strange powers longing to be used. Use them.

Pisces: This is a week for confronting your wild desires, for seeing dreams with clear eyes and care, for looking directly at ambitions as bright as the sun. When you forget what your real truths look like, you can find them here. It’s good to go out searching in this wide unending world, but remember the knowledge you already hold. You’re lucky: You have this compass, pure as gold, pointing true north, already inside you. Trust that what it shows you is true.

Your Horoscope for the Week of September 5