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Zendaya Was Michael Kors’s Best Met Gala Date in 35 Years

Michael Kors and Zendaya at the Met Gala. Photo: Billy Farrell/

Michael Kors chose Zendaya to star in the campaign for his new smart watch, Access, after she dazzled him as his date at the Met Ball this year. “I’ve been going to the Met Ball since 1980, so I’ve seen a few Met Balls, and I have to say, hands down, we had such a blast,” Kors told the Cut at a launch party at his Soho boutique on Sunday. “She’s got energy, she’s stylish, she’s fun. And when I first met her, I think nothing could be better music to a designer’s ears, I said to her, ‘What’s your favorite thing in fashion? What’s your least favorite thing?’ And she said, ‘I’ll try anything.’ I’m like, I love a girl who’s game for anything.”

Anything, apparently, includes exercising. “In the campaign, part of the thing is, you know, the active woman who’s doing different things,” Zendaya explained. “And I had to dance and do some physical training and stuff. And honestly, I don’t work out. So I sweated; that was the most I’ve worked out in a long time.”

Did she have sore muscles the next day? “Yeah. I’m not going to lie to you,” the 20-year-old said. “Because I’m not a teenager anymore, I like to think that I’m grown up. I’m old, you know, my body doesn’t work like it used to.”

Martha Hunt co-stars in the campaign, and Kors calls her the all-American girl. “She’s upbeat, she’s optimistic, she’s obviously gorgeous, and she’s a juggler. She can do a million things, and she kind of makes it look easy, which I love,” the designer said. “And I mean, if you can throw on a gold leather trench coat as a dress and run out the door and look that great, that’s obviously a plus.”

Hunt gushed about the watch, calling it chic. “And I love the map on it, because you don’t have to feel like a moron staring at your phone while navigating through different cities. That’s normally me in Paris with my iPhone, like this. Now I have a watch that can do that.”

Zendaya Was Michael Kors’s Best Met Gala Date in 35 Years