15 Photos From National Pantsuit Day


October 22 was National Pantsuit Day, the holiday you didn’t even know you needed, and the Cut was on hand to witness the sartorial madness here in NYC. Events also took place in Philadelphia, Detroit, Dallas, Boston, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

In honor of Hillary Clinton and her extensively documented love of pantsuits, Sami Kriegstein and friends decided to organize a march to declare they are #withher in the most visible way they could think of — by riffing on Clinton’s favorite outfit.

Sami Kriegstein said, “Less than four weeks ago I sent an email out to a couple of friends saying that I had this idea for National Pantsuit Day, because I wanted to do something that got people excited to vote for Hillary and to tell the world that ‘I’m With Her,’ or to maybe get people that were on the fence or being quiet about [it] to stand up and join the crowd. I wanted people to feel like they were missing out if they weren’t a part of it, and that it was too much fun and too goofy to ignore. So, the pantsuit idea just jumped out at me because it really represents who Hillary is. Her authentic self. She’s all business and is a woman in a man’s profession. I think the pantsuit speaks to all women who have tired to break though their own glass ceilings. I’m overwhelmed with all of the support we’ve had.”

There was a dance-off, giant cut-outs of HRC and Michelle Obama, and even an extremely dapper (and patient) cocker spaniel showing his or her political allegiance. Check out the slideshow.

Photographs by David Williams.

Check Out Photos From National Pantsuit Day