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7 Women’s Organizations to Donate to Instead of Buying a T-Shirt

Why not donate $25 straight to Planned Parenthood? Photo: Google Ghost

The third and final presidential debate wasn’t exactly cordial, but things came to a head in the final minutes when, while she was in the middle of an answer about Social Security, Donald Trump said of Hillary Clinton, “Such a nasty woman.”

His remark was an instant hit on Twitter, but it also inspired T-shirts, enamel pins, hats, buttons, and various other types of merchandise. This isn’t the first time a Trumpian insult has spawned pro-Hillary merch — at this point, “pussy grabs back” tees are commonplace. His pussy-grabbing comments even inspired an organization called “Grab Her by the Brain,” which is “a movement that refuses to accept the objectification of women,” despite the fact that the photo on its homepage is of a man surrounded by women.

These are all good things if, say, you want a T-shirt that you’ll wear for a month and shove to the deep, dark bottom of your dresser drawer after November 8. But if what you really want is to help women and publicly show your support of them, there are other ways to do it besides buying merchandise from a company that only donates a portion of its profits. Here are a few ideas.

1. Planned Parenthood. Instead of donating half of a $25 T-shirt, why not contribute a whole $25 … or any other amount of your choosing? Your money will help fund clinics and promote women’s health across the country. Here’s a link to their donation page — go crazy.

2. RAINN. The nation’s nation’s largest anti-sexual-violence program operates the Department of Defense’s self-help hotline and carries out programs across the country to prevent sexual violence. Ninety-three cents of every dollar you donate will go directly toward funding those programs.

3. She Should Run. This organization aims to get more women involved in politics on every level. In addition to donating, you can anonymously ask a woman you know (or don’t!) to run for office, and they’ll contact her to help her explore her options.

4. Running Start. Another organization designed to get more women involved in politics, Running Start runs programs and fellowships that send high-school girls and college-age women to Washington, D.C., every year. They also run a program on college campuses and hold a Young Women’s Political Summit. You can contribute right here.

5. Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Boys & Girls Clubs sponsor programs that promote girls’ leadership, boost their confidence, and ostensibly turn them into the next generation of leaders, political or otherwise. And there’s a giant red “donate” button on their website.

6. The Center for Reproductive Rights. The center is the only legal-advocacy organization that’s dedicated exclusively to reproductive rights. Its attorneys argue cases before national courts, document reproductive-rights abuses, and work with lawmakers to create policy that’s good for women — your donation will fund their work.

7. Family Care International. Every two minutes, a woman dies from complications due to pregnancy or childbirth. Family Care International is a global charity that works to strengthen health-care systems and advocates for improved reproductive education and health.

7 Women’s Charities to Donate to After Trump Comments