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No One Ever Feels Fully Ready to Start a Business, So Just Go for It

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Taking Care of Business: A week devoted to taking our professional lives up a notch.

Arianne Elmy is the founder of a women’s ready-to-wear clothing line, called, well, Arianne Elmy, that’s been worn by Danish singer MØ and is on the up and up. Though initially she was skeptical that she could get her company off the ground, she ultimately believes that you have to just go for it.

“I don’t think anyone ever feels fully ready to start something new and challenging like a business. We think, ‘I need more experience in this, or how will I do that?’ You cannot think like that. You have to jump in and know it will all work out.” An easy way to get motivated is to “take the first step,” she says, “and then with patience and time, everything else will follow. When my first season wasn’t a breakout success, I wasn’t intimidated. I did everything I could to move forward. I found magazine editors’ emails and reached out to them without hesitation. They were intrigued, and because of that, I started running with my brand.”

No One Feels Ready to Start a Business, So Just Go for It