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A Trump Supporter Desperately Tried to Tie Beyoncé’s Lyrics to Hillary Clinton to Show There’s a ‘Lot of Hypocrisy’

Wait, what? Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for TIDAL

The best way to describe what happened Monday night on CNN might be to just give a short transcript of a roundtable discussion led by Don Lemon. But, before we get to it, here’s the setup: In a segment on CNN, Betsy McCaughey, a former lieutenant governor of New York and a supporter of Donald Trump, was in the midst of giving her take on Trump’s post-debate standing. Then she tried, with all her might, to somehow do the following:

1) Tie bad language in rap music to Beyoncé’s lyrics in “Formation.”
2) Tie said lyrics in “Formation” to Hillary Clinton’s comments, because she has said she idolizes Queen Bey.
3) Call out Clinton for “hypocrisy” in calling Trump’s comments in a 2005 video “horrific.”

Why? According to McCaughey, how could Clinton — who likes Beyoncé, who has (racy?) lyrics — be offended by comments that Trump made aboard a bus with Billy Bush in 2005? You know, the ones where he bragged about the liberties he feels he can take with women because he’s famous.

Um, yea.

Check out the whole exchange below, starting 27 seconds in:

Start: 0:27
I wanted to make another point to you, though. Because I abhor lewd and body language. I don’t listen to rap music. I don’t like that kind of thing, but Hillary Clinton, when she expresses ..
LEMON: Wait, you said, rude, body, rap ..? (*With a scrunched brow. The man was confused.)
MCCAUGHEY: Body language.
LEMON: I thought you said rap music.
MCCAUGHEY: I did. I mentioned rap music because it’s full of the f-word, the p-word, the b-word, the a-word … the …
LEMON: I don’t anybody, listen, I got to say, I don’t think anybody likes that but those people are not running for president.
MCCAUGHEY: Yes, but I want to point something out.
LEMON: Okay, go ahead.
MCCAUGHEY: Which is, that Hillary Clinton expresses that she finds the language on that bus “horrific,” but in fact, she likes language like this. “I came to slay, bitch. When he f-ed me good I take his ass to red lobster.”
LEMON: Did she say that?
MCCAUGHEY: That happens to be from Beyonce, her favorite performer. Whom she says she idolizes and would like to imitate.
(Lemon laughs)
MCCAUGHEY: So you know what I’m saying to you? There’s a lot of hypocrisy, in Hillary Clinton expressing such horror at language on the bus.
A Trump Supporter Tried Really Hard to Cite Beyoncé’s Lyrics