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Man Kicked Off Alaska Airlines Flight for Sexually Harassing Flight Attendant

An offensive man was kicked off an Alaska Airlines flight. Photo: John Gress/Corbis via Getty Images

In other sexual harassment news, a man was kicked off an Alaska Airlines flight for calling out “Ooh, sexy!” at a flight attendant during a safety demonstration before takeoff this week.

Amber D. Nelson, a woman who works in marketing in California, wrote on Facebook that a fellow passenger on her Seattle to Burbank flight was sitting in a middle seat, with women on either side of him and two women in front of him, when the safety demonstration began. When the flight attendant started demonstrating how to use a life vest, the man screamed out the lewd comment.

“Every woman I know has been through this kind of degrading experience. We were trapped on a plane with a guy who clearly disrespected women and saw us as his own personal entertainment,” Nelson wrote.

The flight attendant then removed her vest, walked up to the man and told him, “You need to be respectful.” He then replied, “C’mon, I’m just playing with you!” The flight attendant walked back to the front of the plane and abandoned her demonstration. Shortly afterwards “an affable-looking man” boarded the plane, and the passenger started to say, “I didn’t do anything wrong.”

The airline employee apparently asked him to gather his stuff and exit the plane, and Nelson said she wanted to applaud as he walked away. We’re sure the booted passenger hit up the locker room immediately afterwards.

Man Kicked Off Plane For Sexually Harassing Flight Attendant