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Here’s What Happens When You Call Ana Navarro ‘Selfish’

Photo: Courtesy of CNN

Republican strategist and commentator Ana Navarro has emerged as a vocal opponent of Donald Trump, representing her party throughout this election cycle, most notably after the Access Hollywood tape leaked, which revealed Trump bragging about groping women.

After a Wednesday appearance on CNN’s “New Day,” Navarro once again is making headlines after engaging with Trump surrogate Scottie Nell Hughes.

After Navarro said that she would be writing in her mother for president, rather than cast a ballot for either Trump or Hillary Clinton, Hughes called her “selfish.” Navarro admonished her for her remarks, asserting that she’d been a Republican long before Trump came on the scene and that she would be one long after:

“It is my right to vote for whoever I want. It is my right to make the statement I want to make or not make. If I have voted for the Republican nominee every single time in my lifetime, and this year I feel compelled to be repelled and repulsed, and reject that man, it is my right, and it is what I will do. And you are nobody to question my choice.”

Watch the full clip, below:

Ana Navarro Responds to Claims She’s Selfish for Not Voting