This Politician’s Perfect Roasting of an Anti-Marriage-Equality MP Will Be Written About in History Books

Photo: ALP/Courtesy of Twitter/MarkDiStef

Same-sex marriage is not yet legal in Australia, a topic that was debated in the country’s parliament on Thursday morning. Ian Goodenough, a Liberal MP, spoke out against marriage equality, saying “marriage is not a romantic notion — it is an important social institution that deals with progeny.” In doing so, he set himself up to be completely roasted about his dating life by Terri Butler, Labor’s shadow assistant minister for equality.

“It’s a pleasure to rise to follow the member for Moore. My friend the member for Moore. I do think we may have found an explanation for his bachelor status, given his description of marriage being not romantic, but a social construct important for progeny,” Butler said at the start of her speech. “If I was to counsel the member for Moore in his quest for love, I would say, maybe don’t roll that one out on the first date. If I was to counsel him, of course I wouldn’t presume to do, Mr. Deputy Speaker.”

I personally would’ve just gone with “Goodenough? More like Badenough,” so props to Butler for her response.

Australian Politician Roasts Male MP in Parliament