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Chanel Wants You to Wear Robot Heads, Side Ponytails, and Coral


Today, Chanel gave side ponytails their best moment in the spotlight since they were last featured prominently in Full House. Models wore sideways and backward baseball caps placed atop low side ponytails adorned with rhinestone Chanel hair elastics. (Mercifully, hairstylist Sam McKnight made the ’80s-throwback style feel modern by opting for natural texture, instead of crimping.) Also keeping it modern: The Chanel Cocobot — one model (perhaps a lucky one allowed to skip hair and makeup entirely) who walked out in a full robot head.

Opting out of the makeup theatrics this time, makeup artist Tom Pecheux and his team created a more “subdued” look for the show, with glossy coral lips and a bright high-def blush on the cheeks. At least Karl skipped the snap bracelets.

Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images
Chanel Beauty Had Robot Heads, Side Ponytails, and Coral