DVF Hates Donald Trump, Loves Rami Malek

Diane von Furstenberg Photo: Monica Schipper/WireImage/Getty

We all associate Diane von Furstenberg with wrap dresses rather than with hoodies, but at the Women’s Wear Daily CEO summit, she admitted a weakness for Mr. Robot’s extremely normcore hero. “I believe in truth and in truth messaging, and the man with the hood,” she said, referring to Rami Malek’s character Elliot. “It’s so great.” So that clears up the mystery of who, exactly, DVF’s Internet boyfriend is.

With November 8 looming, DVF also weighed in on Trump: “The idea that we have Donald Trump as a candidate for being the leading person in the world just reflects the power of reality television and mediocrity.” And Clinton, whom she cryptically calls “a very bad candidate, but she is a fantastic executive.” (DVF has been a longtime supporter of Clinton’s candidacy, but seems to have been addressing voters’ likeability issues with her here.)

Surprisingly, given her lack of time for reality-TV antics, the designer didn’t have a problem with Yeezy Season 4. “Things like the Kanye-ization [of fashion], it’s okay. It’s a moment. It’s a thing. He ended up falling on his face so it’s fine. But the attitude of Kanye West — he’s cool so there’s something there.” There we have it, Kanye: DVF officially thinks you’re cool. (Not as cool as a certain heavy-lidded hacker, though.)

Diane von Furstenberg Hates Trump, Loves Rami Malek