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Dog Maternity Shoots Are the Trend We Don’t Need But Begrudgingly Accept

Maternity shoots have long dominated Pinterest boards and the Facebook albums you click on from people you went to high school with but haven’t talked to in over ten years — and now, in an effort by humans to continue to anthropomorphize their pets as much as possible, even dogs are getting in on the tradition.

Kennedy Sorensen of California has gone viral because of maternity photos she recently posted to Twitter of her pregnant Golden Retriever, Chanel. Sorensen tells the Cut that she had the owner of the puppies’ father (the dog dad is named LeeRoy), bring him over to her farm for the shoot. After much wrangling, Amy managed to snap several glowing shots.

This is not the first time this has happened: Back in March, Lilicia, a Pinscher mix from Brazil was photographed before giving birth, and in June, a dachshund posed with her just-born litter of puppies. Later, in August, a rescue chihuahua also got a maternity shoot of her own.

This really is just the natural progression from dog weddings.

Dog Maternity Shoots Are a Trend Now