Exploring Paris and Versailles (Without a Seat at Paris Fashion Week)

Faulstich’s wide-angle photos give viewers a whole new look at Paris. Photo: Emily Faulstich

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Considering it’s only about 20 minutes away by train, Versailles should be on the itinerary of any visitor to the City of Light — even if it’s only for the chandeliers! Photographer, designer, and illustrator Emily Faulstich shared her photos of both Versailles and Paris and had this to say about her visit:

“I walked for hours and was sometimes completely on my own — sitting in a garden among tiny daisies where nobody was for miles. I climbed marble staircases, imagining what it was like in the 1700’s — powdered wigs and satin dresses — blush and intense formalities — a surreal life.”

Photographer Emily Faulstich’s Instagram Guide to Paris