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Fashion Crowd Blames Kim for Her Own Brutal Robbery

Photo: Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

In the aftermath of Kim Kardashian’s recent robbery in her Parisian residence — during which she was reportedly terrified she would be raped — several jokes and conspiracy theories about the incident have emerged online. And, as The Hollywood Reporter learned while stationed at Paris Fashion Week, many reporters and fashion editors have expressed similar sentiments.

From a British journalist: “Where did they get a gun? Sounds fake.”

From an American journalist: “The whole thing sounds made up.”

From an American fashion editor: “She was probably drunk after the L’Oréal party and let them in accidentally.” (Kardashian famously does not drink.) “Or she tagged herself there. Criminals can have Instagram too.”

From an American magazine contributor: “Well, she should stop Instagramming pictures of herself in her hotel bathroom.

From an American journalist: “The whole scene that follows her around fashion shows is of her own making. If she didn’t have that scene her business plan would fall apart. Her wealth is predicated on it.”

Ah yes, sound arguments all around.

Fashion Crowd Blames Kim Kardashian for Her Own Robbery