Hillary Clinton Comes Up With Genius Plan to Keep Bill Busy in the White House

“I have a great idea, honey!” Photo: Lee Corkran/Sygma via Getty Images

At this point, Hillary Clinton’s husband is proving to be more of a liability to her campaign than an asset. But the real trouble will begin if and when she wins the presidential election, because — putting aside debates over what he should be called — what the heck is an ex-president supposed to do in the White House while his wife runs the free world?

Luckily, Hillary Clinton has an idea. During an interview on Keith Sweat’s radio show, The Sweat Hotel, Friday morning, she said she’s in talks with her potential first husband to revive an old hobby of his.

When Sweat asked her, “Is Bill still playing the saxophone?” she replied, “Yeah! He doesn’t have a lot of time, but I’ve told him that it would be good if he got warmed back up so that he could do that while he was in the White House again.”

Hillary the diplomat strikes again.

Hillary Clinton’s Plan to Keep Bill Busy in the White House