Homeland’s First Female President Sounds Familiar

Photo: Brian Ach/Getty Images for Showtime Networ

PaleyFest NY 2016 kicked off this week, and for the first time in the festival’s four-year run, it honored shows specifically filmed in NYC. The lineup included Younger, Quantico, and Homeland, which jump-started the festival’s week-plus run.

Showtime’s Homeland is entering its sixth season this January with plenty of unanswered questions, but one of the most intriguing is what the future holds for the show’s first female president. It’s also the first time that Homeland has shifted its worldview to New York City, which will bring up all sorts of questions about how the world has changed post-9/11.

Claire Danes, who stars as former CIA operative Carrie Mathison, revealed a few details about president-elect Elizabeth Keane, who is played by Elizabeth Marvel, and what she has in common with this election cycle’s nominees. (Marvel also played former presidential candidate Heather Dunbar in House of Cards.)

The parallels between Keane and candidate (and potential 45th president) Hillary Clinton are glaringly obvious, so we asked Danes whether the writers took their cues from real life as they prepped for this upcoming season.

“Our writers [didn’t] exactly hedge their bets,” Danes told the Cut, before adding the only characteristic Keane shares with Republican nominee Donald Trump is that she “… is a little rogue.” She does have some Clinton-esque traits — “she is tenacious and formidable, like Hillary” — and she is “politically more radical,” which will endear her to all those who felt the Bern.

As for the relationship status of Peter Quinn (Rupert Friend) and Carrie or what the future holds for Saul Berenson (Mandy Patinkin), that’s information slightly beyond our clearance levels.

Homeland’s First Female President Sounds Familiar