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This Is How Amanda Chantal Bacon Prepares to Eat Sugar

Amanda Chantal Bacon — founder of Moon Juice, foe of Father John Misty — built her juicing empire on a diet of luxe asceticism. Green juice, chia pudding, bee pollen, and activated cashews are fair game; refined sugar and dairy come straight from the devil’s teats. But Bacon is a mere mortal, and who among us can resist a miniature Snickers bar or 20 when All Hallows’ Eve draws near?

In an Instagram posted on Monday afternoon, Bacon admitted that even she would dig into some Halloween candy — more specifically, “get spooky on some sugar tonight!”

Here’s how she’s preparing:

I recommend having probiotics on hand and taking them now and before bed (prep your system to handle the sugar shock), a zero glycemic protein shake for breakfast, this afternoon, and tomorrow morning (helps to stabilize the adrenals), and an unsweetened green juice to hydrate, alkaline, and flush! Don’t feel guilty if you chose to indulge just own it and support yo’ self!

I personally recommend changing into leggings as soon as you get home and eating Twizzlers three at a time, but to each her own.

This Is How Amanda Chantal Bacon Prepares to Eat Sugar