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Instead of ‘Grab Her by the Brain,’ How About We Don’t Grab Her at All?

Photo: greggsulkin/Twitter

There are 19 days — 19 days ahhh — until the election finally arrives, an occasion that we really never believed would come. But short as that time period might seem, that isn’t stopping people from continuing to cash in on the insane B.S. that spills out of Trump’s cavernous mouth-hole. What’s on deck now? A hat embroidered with the tagline “Grab Her by the Brain.”

It seems mind-boggling that this even needs pointing out, but why are we insisting on grabbing her by anything? You can’t even grab someone by the brain because our brains are rightfully protected by layers of arachnoid, pia mater, and dura mater, and even then, there’s still skull and scalp skin getting between you and your grubby “I’m a male feminist but secretly hate women” hands. The site claims that 10 percent of the proceeds from purchases of this $21 hat go to an anti-bullying charity called Boo2Bullying, whose website looks fake.

Counting down the minutes until Matt McGorry tweets a picture of himself flexing in a one-size-too-small “This Is What a Feminist Looks Like” T-shirt and wearing this hat.

Instead of ‘Grab Her by the Brain,’ Why Grab Her at All?