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This Teen’s Senior Portrait Makeup Was So Flawless He’s Now a CoverGirl Model

Photo: Courtesy of Cover Girl

Meet the first CoverBoy. In September, high schooler James Charles (not to be confused with Charles James) was just another victim to bad yearbook photo lighting and the resulting mediocre senior photo. But he solidified his place in internet fame when, in an “extra” move, he retook his photos bringing extra highlighter and a ring light. The new photos were #HighlighterGoals and went viral.

His internet fame and 430,000 Instagram followers now earn him a place in CoverGirl (and beauty history), as the makeup brand’s first-ever male spokesmodel. Fellow CoverGirl spokesmodel Katy Perry shared the James news this morning on her own Instagram, welcoming him to the family. James’s first job is promoting CoverGirl’s new So Lashy mascara — and probably seeing if he can amend his high-school yearbook quote to instead read, “Easy, breezy, beautiful CoverGirl.”

This High School Teen Is CoverGirl’s First Male Spokesmodel