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Jessica Williams Has No Time for Boring Masturbation Jokes

Jessica Williams.

Jessica Williams knows that every guy in cargo pants thinks he has what it takes to be a comedian, particularly when it comes to joking about masturbation.

The 27-year-old former Daily Show correspondent told Marie Clare in a new interview that she’s sick of white straight men going on and on about their dicks during their stand-up routines. Instead, she’s ready to hear from comedians who actually have something new to say.

“If I see one more straight white dude get up on stage and talk about masturbating in the same way that it’s always been talked about, it’s like, I don’t fucking care anymore. I was doing a college show for the first time, and there was this 20-year-old gay male who’s been diabetic his entire life. He said, ‘I really wanna get into stand-up.’ I was like, ‘Oh, my God, do you realize how interesting and inherently funny you are? Go do all the comedy that you wanna do.’ I care about that.”

We’ll take jokes from unique individuals over repetitive masturbation tales anytime.

Jessica Williams Has No Time for Boring Masturbation Jokes