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Guess How Many Times Moderator Elaine Quijano Was Interrupted During the VP Debate

Elaine Quijano had to work to make herself heard during last night’s debate. Photo: AFP/Getty Images

According to most polls, Mike Pence narrowly won Tuesday night’s vice-presidential debate. And although Tim Kaine failed to press Pence on how often he lied about Donald Trump’s record, the real loser was moderator Elaine Quijano, who barely got a word in at all. By USA Today’s count, she was interrupted at least 27 times, usually when she tried to keep the candidates’ answers within the time limits.

Kaine was the primary offender, frequently talking over both Pence and Quijano to bring up Trump’s history of insulting women and minorities and his failure to produce his tax returns. But Pence wasn’t exactly faultless.

We get it, guys — you had a point to prove. But interrupting a woman almost 30 times during a nationally televised event isn’t great optics.

Kaine and Pence Interrupted Elaine Quijano Dozens of Times