Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of October 10

Illustration: Jen May

Watch in the night as the moon grows large and bright. The end of the week will bring a full moon in Aries. It might feel intense, it might feel powerful, it might feel purifying, to end this moon cycle in a fire sign. This super moon will pass closer to the Earth than usual — what will you do with its pull on you? What power do you need amplified?

Aries: There are images buried inside you that even you don’t know about. There are memories like water, memories like lightning, memories like wool against your skin. Imagine: There is a bridge under your feet, and there’s fog under the bridge, and there’s a river running fast and quiet under the fog. The ways of knowing the world are layered, and the only one who can truly see your dreams is you. You’re the one who must unlock this joy. You’re the one who has to call these colors into being.

Taurus: The world is so complicated and desire is so tangled. There are some desires you can already name, and there is a future life that shines like a beacon, but how will you live right now? How will you explore these quiet green days? It’s okay not to know yet; it’s okay to feel fueled by an unnamed need. This is a week for wandering, for dreaming, for doubt. Just give yourself space to move.

Gemini: It can feel overwhelming and weird, to be this full of love for a world so far outside your own control. It can feel tender and scary to live in a world so full of colors, so full of sweetness, so full of other people with lives you can’t know. A specific kind of courage will be required of you, this week: to trust that these feelings won’t burn your skin when you touch them. Try to let this love move through you. It won’t tear you in half.

Cancer: Sometimes, we talk about listening like it’s something quiet, something done instead of action. This is a week for listening, but it might feel different from what you expect. Listening can be a kind of knowledge, and it can be a way of exerting your power on the world, even as the world exerts its power over you. There’s space for the wind to howl in your head, and there’s space for thunder to echo in your chest. You don’t need to swallow your own voice to feel the world this deeply.

Leo: During weeks like this, doors open up inside yourself. Lives you didn’t know you could live and words you didn’t know you could speak can now be yours. So much is possible, more than you let yourself believe, more than you let yourself know. This week, just try to take it all in with an open heart. You aren’t required to walk through every door just because it’s open.

Virgo: Living in a soft human body can feel too dangerous in this world full of concrete and metal and glass. When there are all these structures looming tall around you, it’s easy to forget your own strength. Try to remember it, this week. Your choices aren’t limitless, but you aren’t trapped, either. You could walk outside in the clean morning air. You could leave town for the weekend, alone and free in a new city. There’s so much space left to live.

Libra: There’s nothing wrong with exploring the edges of the world you live in. There’s nothing wrong with moving until you hit the boundaries of your own thoughts, the limits of your own heart. You don’t have to be small and symmetrical, and you don’t need to be limitless, either. There’s space to be wise and space to be wrong and space to find surprises. Focus, this week, on the joys that leap wild in your dreams. How far can they carry you through a deep blue night?

Scorpio: This is a week for looking to the future — don’t even take your eyes off it, if you can help it. This is a week for hope that is bold and fierce. I don’t mean you should ignore the present, or the solid realities of your life, or the chill of the lengthening nights. But if the future is where your light comes from, then use that light. If the future can soften the sky around you, then let it. If it electrifies your dreams, don’t forget it, and don’t let it go.

Sagittarius: Thinking about happiness in a world so full of pain can feel strange, but this week, try. When the cool morning air catches you off guard with its sweetness, pay attention. When the greens and golds of autumn are so beautiful you get chills, pay attention. When your love for another person fills your chest, pay attention. Even a person as strong-willed as you are needs joy.

Capricorn: There are powers that live in you beyond your own blood, your own light, your own memory. This week, pay attention to the ways you’re called by duty, or by history, or by love. Think about what these things ask of you. Think about what you’re willing to give. These beckoning ghosts won’t go away, but your life is still yours, and you can choose how to answer the call.

Aquarius: This is not the only life you could have lived, and this isn’t the only person you could have been. Sometimes it’s comforting to think this way, and sometimes it’s painful, but either way, your bravery has brought you exactly here. Your bravery has led you through forests and cities, across space and through time, and your eyes still shine bright. Look around you, this week. This isn’t an end point. Your mind is full of energy and you have enough courage to fill a whole town. What will you do next?

Pisces: Your life has been such a strange winding path, a maze of rooms and hallways, vital and bright. This week, you might regret some of the wild days, or the dark days, or the days you spend feeling lost. You might start to long for something simpler, cleaner, easier to track and map and explain. But how do you think you ended up where you are now? How do you think your heart grew so strong, your soul so alive? You’re brave enough for complicated terrain. Remember this. 

Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of October 10