Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of October 24

Illustration: Jen May

The sun moved into Scorpio on Saturday, and today Mercury enters Scorpio, too. Think of this week like a powerful flashlight. If you feared no darkness, would your vision grow sharp? What shadows would you dissolve?

Aries: You don’t have to let just anyone tell your story. This is worth repeating, it’s worth singing out, it’s worth writing down. In the end, what is a self but a story, fragile and glimmering, that you’ve built out of skin and memory? Other people will try to tell yours, but a loud voice isn’t everything.

Taurus: Your thoughts feel so new, sometimes, so lonely, but they’re bound to a whole living world. Your thoughts hold matter as old as the planet, and you aren’t the only person who’s ever felt this way. It’s easy to imagine that what you need the most from other people doesn’t exist. Our world’s not as stingy as that — it’s possible to find what you’re looking for.

Gemini: It’s weird, in the end, how simple some things can be. You don’t stay the same your whole entire life, and you don’t even need to try. Change is not betrayal. It doesn’t make you less solid, less brave, less real. The Earth keeps spinning and your hair keeps growing.

Cancer: There’s no such thing as perfect balance, there’s only motion, so let yourself tilt, let yourself slide, let yourself fall, if you need to, into something soft. This is a week for reminding yourself how large the world is. This is a week for remembering the gentle fragility of your body, and the bright fragility of the stars. Feel this week like a wave of dizziness, or giddiness, or love.

Leo: This week, think of the stories that raised you. Think of the rhythms that used to carry you to sleep. You’ve traveled so far, and still you haven’t left your young self behind. This is a week to revisit some of these old feelings. Remember how they held you? Remember how they sang? Remember how they colored your dreams? Sometimes, looking backward can make you feel whole again.

Virgo: Sometimes, the only way to survive this jumbled world is to turn away from uncertainty. And it isn’t wrong to live this way — it isn’t wrong to fiercely guard the borders of your life — but this is a week for another kind of courage. You can fight the desire to look away from what doesn’t make sense. This is a week for diving into the full strangeness of what’s possible.

Libra: This is a week for harvesting, a week for gathering, a week for collecting all the knowledge you can. In the city streets, watch for moments of green. In the mountain roads, watch for glimpses of gold. You don’t need to know what you’ll do with all these songs and secrets and strange, sparkling thoughts.

Scorpio: Listen to the children walking home from school in the bright sun; listen to the old friends arguing on the bus. Imagination can light up in funny places. What type of wildness will you let inside your head? It might start to feel like the world is no longer strong enough to suffocate you. Hold on to this feeling of something new in the air.

Sagittarius: Your thoughts can’t always be clear and open, even to you. This week, try not to feel this opacity as a failure or a loss. Sometimes growth and life feel chaotic; sometimes emotion can’t speak its own name. A clear head is a worthy goal, but it’s not the only one. Allow yourself some messiness this week. See what kind of treasure it brings you.

Capricorn: Some of the chambers in your heart can accept love easily, and some are stranger, more guarded. This is a week to remember the strange places, the ones accessible only through tricky winding channels. Listen: These darker places can be loved too. You don’t have to give up on your own self so easily.

Aquarius: This is a week to look for patterns and listen for echoes. If you look closely, there’s so much strange symmetry in the world. There are weird problems with weird solutions. There are patterns right where you’re standing. This week, use your weird clear vision. It isn’t magic, but it’s some kind of gift.

Pisces: It can be painful, sometimes, living in a world so crowded with other people’s hidden lives. There are people all around you with whole galaxies in their souls, people full of sorrow and brightness and mystery, and you’ll never really get inside. All you can do is get close. Joy can grow strong in conditions like these, and so can you. 

Your Horoscope for the Week of October 24