Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of October 3

Illustration: Jen May

On Friday, Mercury — the planet of communication — leaves Virgo and enters Libra. There are so many voices to hear, voices in harmony and voices in anger. How will you make your way through this big noisy world? How will you hold to your own ideas?

Aries: The night sky shifts, and the temperatures rise and fall in unknown patterns, and still there are things to hold on to. Still there’s a language you know how to speak. Watch, and the trees will start to glow bright. The world is still full enough to live in without cruelty or greed. You don’t have to believe anyone who says that’s not true.

Taurus: Sometimes it’s good to feel yourself under the command of forces larger than yourself, and sometimes it just feels like a heaviness in your bones, like there’s no way to move. Sometimes it isn’t worth struggling against the tilt of the Earth, but sometimes you do need to fight your way back into your own powers. This is a week for courage and rigor. Your power burns hotter than you know. Use it.

Gemini: Your silver dreaminess makes you shine — it lights up rooms — but this is a week for doing the hard work, too. Try to notice the ways other people need you. You don’t have to give up your private joy and you don’t need to dampen your glow, just don’t forget the world that other people live in. It’s surprising and strange, how much life keeps glittering all around you.

Cancer: This is a week for clearing your head, for mopping your floors, for raking and weeding in the front yard. This work can feel so frustrating —your head can’t stay clear forever, and the floor gets dirty again and again. But this is the work that life is made of, like your body keeps pumping blood. How precious are these moments of bright clarity, these moments of stillness you can almost hold?

Leo: Remind yourself what you’re really searching for, this week. You can’t change the way the Earth spins, and you can’t change the moon’s bright pull on the seas, but still you have a solid form and a beating heart. You have dreams that aren’t accountable to the laws of physics. You can remember what you’re here for, and you can set a course, and you can go.

Virgo: Even in a world as green as this, there are tricks, there are traps, there are nights strange enough to swallow a person whole. It isn’t easy to stay so brave; on hard days, even your own vision can start to blur and spin. And still, you aren’t alone here. There are people who love you and won’t let you get lost. This is a week for loving them back, for nurturing the magic that keeps you safe.

Libra: This week, if you pay attention, you’ll notice a feeling spread through yourself: You don’t have to live this whole life alone. On the bus, on the phone, on the walk to work in the cool blue morning — you don’t have to live this whole life alone. You can’t scrub every trace of loneliness from your days, but there are enough moments of golden light for you to hold on to. Remember how this feels.

Scorpio: Inside of you, there exist joys and desires still mysterious to the world. This doesn’t mean you can’t speak their names. There are feelings that bend and seem to vanish, but still you can feel their weight. This is a week for asking even for the things that don’t make sense. Give voice to your most tender, difficult needs. This is how your voice grows stronger. This is how your heart opens wide.

Sagittarius: This is a week to confront your ambitions and all that they ask of you. Think of the brightest future in your whole imagination, and hold on to that vision. It’s hard to risk failure, but harder still to risk revealing your realest self to the world. There’s so much vulnerability in doing exactly what you want, in admitting to all your grand desires. Just practice doing the work, and then keep doing it. There’s enough space for you. There’s enough time.

Capricorn: There are weeks for quiet, weeks for fasting, weeks for staying up late with your own thoughts and body. But this is a week for feeding yourself. Right now is for filling your head with stories and filling your house with songs. You don’t need to pretend that your body doesn’t hunger, that your heart doesn’t ache. You can’t always have everything, but this is no reason to deny yourself sweetness. It’s no reason not to let yourself grow large and wild.

Aquarius: It’s worth reminding yourself how wide open the world is. It’s worth reminding yourself of your sharp mind and your sweet laugh. You don’t have to build sorrow into the story you know about yourself. You don’t have to hold on to loss like it’s the only thing keeping you alive. You can practice new ways to live. You’re full of wisdom and courage and desire: Don’t let them go to waste.

Pisces: It’s weird, watching the ways your life loops and bends. It’s weird trying to keep living when you still hold all the versions of yourself that you’ve ever been. There are things you have now you could never have dreamed of. There are things you’ll have later that you can’t imagine today. This week, the lengthening nights might hang heavy over your head, but try to remember how long life is. The oceans keep moving and so does the sky.

Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of October 3