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Making Decisions Is About Trusting Your Gut, Even in Business

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Hannah and Marian Cheng are the founder of cult dumpling house Mimi Cheng’s in the East Village. When they decided to open their second location in Nolita, the founders said it was most important to trust their instincts. “Your gut will never steer you wrong,” they say. “We always try to have an open mind and sometimes this entails arguing or disarming our gut feeling because we think it’s premature judgement. But we’ve learned time and time again from dealing with all kinds of people that our first gut instinct has never been wrong.” The pair are insistent that everyone has “a sixth sense that they can’t put their finger on. Trust that.” For inspiration, they turn to Maya Angelou, who once wrote, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”

Making Decisions Is About Trusting Your Gut Even in Business