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Melania Trump Dreams of Escape in Saturday Night Live’s ‘Melania Moments’

Photo: Saturday Night Live/NBC/Hulu

Saturday Night Live’s latest installment of “Melania Moments” has our heroine dreaming of switching places with the housemaid so she can have a taste of Donald-free life. “She’d stay here and lay under Donald,” Melania thinks. “Not a fair trade, but oh, how I long to touch sand.” (Cecily Strong plays both the housemaid and Melania.)

This is the third Melania Moments short. In last week’s episode, she wakes up in the middle of the night, her sixth sense tingling with the knowledge her replacement has just been born in Latvia. “I must find this girl and banish her to the woods … Not for my sake, but for hers.”

While these Jack Handy–style shorts are satirizing Melania Trump, there’s also a nugget of empathy for the woman trapped in a loveless marriage to a monstrous man who humiliates her constantly in front of the world.

Melania Trump Dreams of Escape in SNL’s ‘Melania Moments’