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Knock, Knock! Miley Cyrus Wants to Know If You’re Voting for Hillary Clinton

Miley Cyrus doesn’t do anything half-heartedly, and stumping for Hillary Clinton in the upcoming election is no different. Forget phoning it in with a hashtag; our girl got gussied up in her finest red, white, and blue outfit to knock on doors Saturday morning. Cyrus hit up the dorms at Virginia’s George Mason University with media in tow to ask sleepy, hungover, and understandably confused students if they were registered to vote, and more to the point, who they planned to vote for.

Given the crowds waiting for Cyrus outside the dorm, as well as the photographers and reporters furiously documenting the event, chances are good that the students were apprised of the situation beforehand. Or maybe they weren’t! College can get weird.

Miley Cyrus Grills Hungover College Students About Voting