The Obama Family’s White House Life, in Pictures

“The President’s daughter Malia stopped by the Oval Office one afternoon to see her dad and, while they were talking, she wiped something from his face.” Photo: Pete Souza/Courtesy of The White House

It’s hard to forget the emotional impact of seeing the victorious Barack Obama walk across the stage in Chicago’s Grant Park with his wife, Michelle, and young daughters, Malia and Sasha, on Election Night 2008. Over the past eight years, the world has obsessively watched the family as the president and First Lady attempted to give their girls a semblance of a normal childhood. Here, a collection of moments from their life in the White House, ranging from the mundane (a tween’s dance recital, a dad’s birthday barbecue) to the extraordinary (after-school visits to the Oval Office, Easter portraits in the Rose Garden).

Album: 8 Years of the Obama Family’s White House Life