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Saturday Night Live Short ‘Chonk’ Nails Nightmarish Clothing Ads

Photo: Saturday Night Live/NBC/Hulu

Saturday Night Live took a break from trouncing Trump last night to take aim at those ad campaigns that simultaneously celebrate the diversity of female bodies while backhandedly insulting them. SNL comedians Aidy Bryant, Leslie Jones, Vanessa Bayer, Sasheer Zamata, and Melissa Villasenor are groovy, modern babes excited to rock out and celebrate their bodies with help from Chonk, a store that sells sizes two to 28. What starts out as empowering — “You’re ready to rock it!” — slowly and subtly becomes toxic. (In real life, both Bryant and Jones have talked publicly about problems finding dresses for the red carpet.) To top it all off, there’s Lil’ Chonk for tweens. What about the dudes? They can just head over to “Normal Clothes” and pick up some flannel shirts. Good talk, everyone. Good talk.

SNL Short ‘Chonk’ Nails Nightmarish Shopping Ads