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New York Magazine’s Sex Lives Podcast: Who Actually Needs a Magnum Condom?

Photo: Mark Leibowitz/Masterfile/Corbis

The average hard dick is the length of a soda can, says Dr. Emily Morse. Which means, most guys who think their dicks are so unusually large as to require a Magnum condom? They’re wrong. After 11 years of educating listeners on her Sex With Emily podcast, Morse discusses her own sexual education, discovering orgasm, what to do when one of those unnecessary Magnum condoms falls off inside you, and why Sex Lives host Maureen O’Connor is wrong about lube. (Maureen hates lube.) Call 646-494-3590 to leave a voice-mail for Sex Lives. Questions, concerns, angry rants, elated ululations, and heavy breathing welcome.

Who Actually Needs a Magnum Condom?