Sexual-Assault Survivors Speak Out Against Donald Trump in New Ad

“We’re not going to take it anymore.” Photo: Courtesy of Facebook/HumanityforHillary

By now, more than ten women have accused Donald Trump of groping them or touching them inappropriately without their consent. For his part, Trump has vehemently denied the allegations, calling them “pure fiction” and “outright lies,” and even attempting to discredit his accusers by insulting their looks.

It’s still unclear whether the accusations are true, but the resulting back-and-forth has created a toxic environment for women in general, and for survivors of sexual assault in particular. And on Tuesday, the pro-Hillary group Humanity for Hillary posted a video in which survivors — including celebrities such as Amber Tamblyn and Rose McGowan — condemn Trump.

“I think people like Donald Trump will never understand the correlation that women understand between words and actions,” Tamblyn says, referring to an Access Hollywood tape in which Trump bragged about grabbing women “by the pussy.” “Especially when you’re a man in a position of power and you talk that way publicly, you are telling the world that it’s okay to behave that way.”

Other women join her and describe their own sexual assaults; one woman says she was raped during her freshman year of college — another says she was assaulted when she was just 12. “What are we supposed to do, you know?” a third woman asks. “You’re talking about harassing us like that’s okay.”

Sexual-Assault Survivors Speak Out Against Trump in New Ad