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This Tennis Star Chopped Her Hair Mid-Match Because It Was Getting in Her Way

Photo: Jason Hetherington/Getty Images

The world of professional tennis is home to some of the most memorable hair within sports. There’s Serena Williams’s braids, Andre Agassi’s mullet, and whatever you’d like to call John McEnroe’s situation. It’s in this special case of hair showmanship that Russian tennis player Svetlana Kuznetsova apparently can’t hang.

At the WTA Finals in Singapore this morning, Kuznetsova grabbed a pair of grade-school scissors and whacked several inches off her hair mid-match. As the impromptu haircut aired live, commentators speculated that her hair might have been “feeling heavy on the court” or that the ponytail fell at “an awkward length where it’s clearly disturbing her.”

Once released from the weight of an oppressive ponytail, Kuznetsova went on to defeat her opponent. Listen, we all can’t be Serena.

This Tennis Star Chopped Her Annoying Ponytail Mid-Match