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Taylor Swift Might Be Back Together With Tom Hiddleston; I Might Be Dying

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston. Photo: Newspix/Newspix via Getty Images

Mere minutes ago, I was comfortable with the theory that Taylor Swift is interested in Drake, or at least interested in other people thinking he’s interested in her. Close watchers of the pop star have since upended that hypothesis with one cold, hard (potential) fact: Taylor Swift chartered her private plane to London this weekend. Do you know what that means?

Taylor Swift might be back together with her recent ex-boyfriend Tom Hiddleston. Tom Hiddleston! He’s the one who made out with Swift on a rock in Rhode Island in front of the paparazzi, and also the one who wore an “I <3 T.S.” tank top in front of the paparazzi. Could Swift and Hiddleston be doing things together in front of the paparazzi right now?

If you believe the fanatical Swift fans who track Swift’s private plane and then email blogs about it, then yes. Lainey Lui of Lainey Gossip reports that several tipsters tracked Swift’s plane heading to London on Saturday. She writes:

So here’s the speculation: Tom Hiddleston apparently wrapped on Thor 3 in Australia a few days ago. He was not at the wrap party, but neither were Chris Hemsworth or other major members of the cast. But you know how Taylor’s fans track her plane? Well according to them (thanks for all your emails!) Taylor flew from LA to NYC on Friday night/Saturday and then the plane went to London, landing at Stansted airport. Which is also where her plane landed when she and Tom Hiddleston went to visit his family back in the summer. Typically when Taylor goes to London she uses Luton airport.

Do you see? Swift went to the special airport. There’s no evidence to the contrary, either: Swift didn’t show up to any stateside Halloween parties this weekend, and she didn’t post anything on Instagram. So far, there are no published photos of either member of the potentially reconnected couple from this weekend. We wait in angst.

Taylor Swift Might Be Back Together With Tom Hiddleston