These Bachelor Contestants Fell in Love With Each Other Instead

We’ve spent too much time watching women compete for (usually undeserving) men’s attention on The Bachelor, only to see the winning couple break up shortly after filming. But now, there’s finally a love story from The Bachelor that we can actually get behind.

Megan Marx and Tiffany Scanlon were both contestants from this year’s Australian version of the show, dating and competing for the same man. However, in an adorable twist, the two ended up falling in love — with each other, Mashable reports.

Marx wrote on Instagram that they started out as friends who were “dating the same guy,” and that chemistry between the two was there from the beginning. “Friendship ripened into something bolder, trust in a very strange situation was formed, and now every adventure we have rivals the other — and continues to make plans for itself.”

The pair have been posting adorable photos on Instagram for months, referring to each other as “my favorite person” and “my darling.” Glad to see there’s finally a Bachelor couple to root for.

These Bachelor Contestants Fell in Love With Each Other