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How One Gossip Blogger Leaks Celebrity News Without Getting Sued

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber. Photo: Getty Images

Vanity Fair just published a great interview with “Enty,” the anonymous blogger and self-described entertainment lawyer behind the popular blind-item gossip site Crazy Days and Nights. Enty has been posting blind items about celebrities — and more boldly, revealing those blind items — for ten years, and he says he’s never been sued. This is because, he explains, celebrities don’t want to lend credibility to “shady” blind-item sites by taking them to court.

Enty is often publishing true information about the celebrities, however — he recently revealed multiple items about the Brangelina divorce and the slightly less dramatic Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber breakup. “A lot of times people think that blind items — because you’re not naming names and most blind items never have any reveals — have some kind of ‘shadiness’ to them,” Enty tells Vanity Fair. “So when it leads to validation, it’s nice. It used to be that I’d wait until [a couple] had split before I’d reveal, but it’s so much better now, where I’ll just reveal it before it happens if I’m 100 percent sure. That way when it does happen, it looks even better. And I’ve noticed over the last nine months or so that if I reveal an item like that, invariably a few weeks later the couple calls it quits. I like these little tiny victories, even if only loyal readers know.”

Even when he reveals an item before the information is confirmed in the mainstream press, celebrities still don’t do much about it. Sometimes they’ll just email him. “What I always find hilarious is when they write me, and it’s a blind, not a reveal yet,” Enty says. “I’ve also had celebs write me who think a blind is about them but it isn’t, and they end up giving me a blind.”

Read more about how Enty manages all the gossip here.

This Gossip Blogger Leaks Celeb Drama Without Getting Sued