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Rude Mirror Exists Just to Point Out Your Flaws

With the world already gifted with the Skinny Mirror, it was only a matter of time before technology created something to make us feel worse about ourselves to balance it all out. Enter Panasonic’s smart mirror, which takes a photo of your face and analyzes your facial “flaws” — like sun damage, pores, and wrinkles — and then uses a 3-D printer to print out the recommended makeup to cover it all up.

Panasonic had already introduced a version of their smart mirrors at CES in January, but the model introduced this week at CEATEC sends the data about your face to a makeup printer that delivers what you need to cover up blemishes and spots in a couple of minutes.

Applying the makeup is not exactly seamless: The paper containing the makeup is pressed to your face — makeup side down — then water is sprayed on it, then the page is lifted off. Engadget likens the process, as well as the feeling of the makeup, to a temporary tattoo.

Per Engadget, “the company says the printed patches also take roughly a day to dry and settle before it’s meant to be applied to a person’s face,” so, don’t worry — this is still a long ways out from being something you’ll have in your bathroom.

As for me, I will forever continue to choose a mirror that lies to me.

This Mirror Spots Your Flaws, Prints Out Makeup to Fix Them