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This Is What Happens When You Let a Toddler Dress Herself for a School Picture

Photo: Austin Steinbach

Kaylieann Steinbach may only be 3 years old, but she’s already set the bar extremely high for picture day. The toddler’s annual school photo — in which she wears a Superman costume, proudly displaying a Superman action figure — is going viral after her father, Austin, posted it to Reddit.

“In September, we went to the San Francisco Comic Con and she went as Supergirl to that,” Austin told BuzzFeed. “She refused to take off her costume after it.” (Always good to have a signature look, Kaylieanne.)

Everyone seems to love Kaylieanne’s photo, with Austin telling the Huffington Post that, in particular, “the reaction and turnout from the deaf community is amazing” — Kaylieanne is 75 percent deaf in both ears.

Can someone set up a summit with the hot-dog princess, stat? The world needs this.

What Happens When a Toddler Dresses Herself for Picture Day