Eric Trump: My Father Bragged About Groping Women Because of His ‘Alpha Personality’

Eric Trump, a clear beta. Photo: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Since Donald Trump’s comments about groping women were made public last week, the fallout has been pretty significant. His Republican allies (well, some of them) have defected. The number of women who say they’ll vote for him is shrinking. But at a campaign appearance on Monday, Eric Trump defended his father’s tarnished reputation by dismissing the importance of the remarks altogether and using a little dash of men’s-rights-approved logic to excuse them.

“I think it’s locker room banter,” he said, according to the Colorado Gazette. “I think sometimes when guys are together they get carried away, and sometimes that’s what happens when alpha personalities are in the same presence. At the same time, I’m not saying it’s right. It’s not the person that he is.”

According to this logic, Donald Trump isn’t a raging misogynist; he just gets “carried away” thanks to his “alpha personality.” Fun fact: “Alpha male” is exactly the vocabulary male pickup artists use to describe themselves.

Eric Trump Says Dad Bragged About Groping Because He’s Alpha