Donald Trump Interrupted Hillary Clinton 37 Times During Last Night’s Debate

These are finally over. Photo: Mark Ralston-Pool/Getty Images

By the time the third and final presidential debate rolled around, we pretty much knew what to expect: Hillary Clinton’s strategy would be to bait Donald Trump into saying dumb things, while Trump’s strategy would be to attempt to appear powerful by periodically muttering “Wrong” into the microphone. Trump’s bombastic debate style also means he ends up talking over his opponent — a lot. During the first debate, he interrupted Clinton a total of 51 times, with 25 of those interruptions occurring in the first 26 minutes.

He didn’t quite break that record in the last debate, but he did manage to interrupt Clinton 37 times in 90 minutes, according to Vox. If you do the math, that comes out to about once every two minutes. Clinton, meanwhile, interrupted Trump nine times.

FiveThirtyEight divided Trump’s interruptions into two categories: “interruptions” and “fleeting interjections.” The former only occurred when Trump actually managed to wrest control of the floor from Clinton; the latter occurred every time he said “wrong” or when he called Clinton a “nasty woman.” By their count, Trump had the most “fleeting interruptions” last night of any debate so far, while Clinton didn’t fleetingly interrupt him once.

Trump Interrupted Clinton About Once Every Two Minutes