Trump Tells Women What They Want

Photo: Courtesy of NBC News

At a Wednesday rally in Lakeland, Florida — days after a tape in which he bragged about groping women surfaced — Donald Trump took to the stage to proclaim that he knew what women really wanted from a president.

“I don’t get these polls. Every place I go, I see hundreds of women for Trump, then I see a poll. ‘He’s not doing well with women.’ I don’t know, I don’t know,” he said, while surrounded by women waving “Women for Trump” signs.

“My daughter Ivanka, she wants child care and senior care, all of them,” Trump continued. “But you know, women want safety for our country, women want a strong military, they don’t want crime in our cities, they wanna be protected by law and order. The women in this country want what I’m saying. And we are saying it very strong.” He added a promise to “the African-Americans” and “the Hispanics” that he will “fix it.”

Sure makes you nostalgic for the (still not that) good old days of the Republican National Convention.

Trump Tells Women What They Want