Trump Supporter to The Daily Show: ‘So What If He Wants to Grab Pussy?’

Jordan Klepper interviews a Trump supporter. Photo: Courtesy of Comedy Central

Although it’s caused a handful of Republican leaders to denounce him, the Access Hollywood tape in which Donald Trump brags about sexually assaulting women doesn’t seem to have made much of an impression on his supporters. As the polls demonstrate, Trump’s core base of support (white men) is standing by him. And on Thursday, The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper traveled to Florida — a swing state — to find out exactly why.

“You know what, so what if he wants to grab pussy?” one man told Klepper. “I want to grab pussy. I wish I could grab as much pussy as he has.” Another used a familiar Trump line: “I think it’s just locker-room talk. Guys in a bar talk that way when they see a pretty girl, what are you going to do?”

Even Trump’s female supporters stood by him; one simply said, “I’ve heard worse.” Another added, “It’s locker-room talk; that’s what boys do. He didn’t do it.”

Finally Klepper asked, “Is there anything Trump could say that could come up that would make you not vote for him?” The answer, he found, was “No.”

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