Trump Campaign’s Ideal World Is One in Which Women Don’t Vote

Flashback. Photo: Bettmann Archive/Getty Images

On Wednesday morning, the Trump campaign sent out an email that’s ostensibly from Eric Trump titled “Momentum.” In it, someone who is probably not Eric Trump solicits donations on the basis that his father “is making huge gains against Crooked Hillary that you can see for yourself.”

The email then included an electorate map to illustrate said gains:

Interestingly, the map included in Trump’s email is the same map FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver posted on Tuesday to show what the race would look like if women abstained from voting altogether.

As the Washington Post points out, “This is like saying that you are the strongest person in the world, which anyone can see for themselves, and then passing along as evidence a Photoshopped image of your head superimposed on a weightlifter’s body.” In other words, the email is either categorically false, or it fundamentally misunderstands a new poll from The Atlantic and the Public Religion Research Institute: Just because women aren’t voting for Trump doesn’t mean they’re not voting at all.

Trump’s Ideal World Is One in Which Women Don’t Vote