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Veep Had to Pull This Joke Because Donald Trump Is Ruining Comedy

Photo: Courtesy of HBO

Throughout this crazy election, it has often felt like we are living in a fictional world: Like, at any minute, we could wake up, Westworld style, and realize we’re all just characters in some mad genius’s dystopian satire. And in a new piece for the L.A. Times, the showrunners from Veep, Madam Secretary, and Designated Survivor agree: They couldn’t make this stuff up.

“Most likely we’d all be fired if we wrote a 10th of what has happened thus far. In some ways, this year’s election has become some sort of insane single-camera comedy,” says Veep showrunner David Mandel, who has spoken before about how Trump has made his job harder. “It comes complete with guest roles, like Ken Bone. We could call the comedy ‘Misery.’”

Things have gotten so bad that Veep was even forced to cut a joke when it steered a little too close to real events. “We had a scene where a minor character gets picked up on a DUI and he’s being a little mouthy to a female police officer and we sort of had a run using [the P-word],” explained Mandel. “It was pretty funny and they basically threw it in the garbage. [Trump] is ruining comedy.”

Trump better not refer to anyone as “Jolly Green Jizz Face” tonight or I’m going to lose it.

Veep Had to Pull This Joke Because Trump Is Ruining Comedy