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This 5-Year-Old Girl Is Better at American Ninja Warrior Than You

You’d flex triumphantly too.

After Kacy Catanzaro’s amazing run three years ago on American Ninja Warrior, the show has been consistently focused on promoting their female athletes. That’s led to one pretty spectacular moment this season, when stuntwoman Jessie Graff became the first woman to finish stage one of the finals.

Well, Lila McCall must have been watching the show very carefully. Her father decided to build the 5-year-old her own custom course in their backyard, and she finished it in record time — much to the delight of her captive audience of stuffed animals. Watch her grip the zip line with just one arm and bound across her own version of the quintuple steps before beating the warped wall in just one leap. Considering that some contestants can barely get through the first obstacle, she’s definitely off to a great start.

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