This Video of Tom Brady Eating Candy in Slow Motion Is Weirdly Sensual

It’s no strawberry. Photo: Courtesy of Facebook/Tom Brady/UnReal Candy

Tom Brady may refuse to eat a strawberry, but he’s more than willing to eat some all-natural “candy,” as evidenced in a slow-motion video the Patriots quarterback posted to his Facebook page on Thursday.

The video shows Tom Brady sitting at a table with a Whole Foods bag (of course) and a box of Unreal Candy, which apparently has non-GMO ingredients and less sugar than normal candy. Brady is seen opening the wrapper in real time when, suddenly, everything goes into slow motion, music from an erotic moment of a porno starts playing, and quotes from the football player appear on the screen.

“Smooth and delicious.”

“Less sugar? Oh yeah baby.”

“Halloween? More like Hallow-Yes.”

“No GMOs … Wow.”

Wonder what Giselle will have to say about this.

Watch Tom Brady Eat ‘All-Natural’ Candy in Slow Motion