This Arkansas Frat Bro Wins the Award for 2016’s Most Offensive Halloween Costume

There were plenty of offensive Halloween costumes this year, but a white frat bro in Arkansas took the award for “likely to offend the most amount of people” after he dressed as Bill Cosby in blackface for a party on Friday night.

University of Central Arkansas student Brock Denton, who had pledged to be a brother of the Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity, dressed as Cosby — the comedian accused of sexual misconduct by at least 58 women — for a party his frat threw on Friday night, the Washington Post reports. The white sophomore covered his skin in blackface and wore a Cosby-style sweater, and posted a picture of himself in costume, alongside two other students, on Instagram with the caption “It was a bold night.”

Denton’s account is set to private, but his college’s student newspaper, The Echo, published a screenshot of the picture. The picture of Denton in his costume immediately went viral, and Denton later posted a long apology on his Instagram. He wrote, “I can honestly say I’ve never heard of black face before until today. Believe me or don’t but at this point all I can do is be truthful.” However, his comment merely led to even more outrage online, the Post noted.

Sigma Tau Gamma’s national chapter suspended the UCA chapter and expelled Denton from the frat after the incident. The college’s president, Tom Courtway, posted a handwritten statement on Twitter. Courtway wrote, “This institution embraces all races, cultures and nationalities. We strive each day to be welcoming, inclusive and diverse, and will always continue to do so.”

This Frat Guy Had 2016’s Most Offensive Halloween Costume